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Bike Fit

Professional Fit Services
Ride faster, farther, and pain free. 

The Basic Fit - $45.00 (or FREE with new bike purchase)
Includes establishing proper frame size, seat height, and positioning as well as a safe and comfortable reach to the handlebars. 15-30 minutes.

Advanced Fit - $75.00
This fit gets you on our size cycle and offers more in-depth adjustments and a fine tuned fit. Cleat placement and positioning, flexibility assessment, inseam and shoulder width measurements for handlebar setup, sit bone evaluation, and upper torso positioning. Approximately 1 hour

Comprehensive Fit - $250
Includes everything from the advanced fit plus an in-depth cycling interview and medical history analysis plus a follow up appointment to re-assess the initial fit and make final adjustments. We'll check your flexibility and range of motion to put you in the most appropriate riding position for optimal performance. Full foot bed analysis where we’ll take measurements and make adjustments to your insoles. Aero or tri bar positioning and custom foot bed construction is optional.  The Comprehensive Fit also includes documentation of your optimal measurements for you to keep. Approximately 2-2.5 hours.

Professionall Fit Techs:
Brian Camp
Spike Manlike
Nickel Potter
Scott Schroen

Give us a call or better yet come in to discuss the best fit service for you.