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Crystal Carey
Tulsa South

My weekday job is teaching high school English at an awesome Tulsa school for students with learning disabilities. I'm an advocate for exercise as a means of combating depression, anxiety, ADHD, obesity, and low self-esteem. I'm a relatively new cyclist; however, I am amazed by the supportive community I've encountered in Tulsa. As a lifelong runner, I respect both sports and would like to see more communication between trails used by runners, cyclists, and pedestrians. I'm excited for the opportunity to educate more customers of Phat Tire South Tulsa (especially those who are afraid or anxious) about the health, economical, and environmental side effects of my passion: cycling. In my spare time, I volunteer on the editorial board for the literary journal Nimrod, and write poetry and fiction which is published online at various journals. I've recently bought my first mountain bike and I'm enjoying going off road... wherever that takes me.

Joe Battiato
Tulsa Downtown

After finishing my Culinary and Business degree from Oklahoma State University I loved running kitchens for last ten years. Two years ago I transitioned into the bike industry and haven't looked back. As a native of Colorado, I love riding my MTB, especially with my lovely fiance Holly. We have taken our bikes all over Oklahoma and NW Arkansas. In fact, I have ridden quite a few trails in Colorado and Texas too. I am always ready for a great ride. Stop by the shop any time and I can recommend a bike or trail for you.

Matt Schroff
Service Manager
Tulsa Downtown

I really enjoy the great out doors and riding my mountain bike when I am free. I've been a service tech for 16 years. I grew up riding bmx and working on my own bikes since 7th grade and started working on bicycles for Lee's in 2000. I also am an artist. One my art pieces has been placed in the American Visonery Art Musem in Baltimore. I would say that i don't have a favorite bike ride yet because there are still more to discover in the future.

Tracy Barton
Sales Manager
Tulsa South

For as long as I remember I have loved riding a bike. My most recent adventure was riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route last summer. With my favorite riding buddy, my husband, we began at the Canadian border and ended in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Bikepacking introduces opportunities for living on a bike. Road bikes? Love them too! I've pedaled across Oklahoma multiple times on a road bike. Bicycling enriches our lives physically and mentally. Let's go ride!

Jenn Torres
Tulsa Downtown

Bikes I love them! And have grown to be very fond of them. Mentally, emotionally and physically I feel a great deal of gratitude when I ride. I have not always been into cycling. I grew up riding skateboards and skating is still a huge part of mine, my brother's and my family's life. But being on a board does not compare to the feeling of cycling. I'm excited for my new endeavors here with the Phat Tire crew. I also enjoy the outdoors, hiking camping, floating, grilling with my dog friends and family or just making a simple fire with my poochie, Lakota Lynn. The cycling community is huge and filled with fantastic and helpful friends. I love commuting around my city (CITY OF TULSA) and all I really have to say is we keep it rock'n ~ Live to ride, Ride to live.

Grant Holcomb
Store Manager

From frame building to cross country touring, cycling has taken me on countless adventures. Above all, my favorite adventure is sharing my love of bicycles with others. That makes every day a good day in the bike shop! I believe simple things can be the most extraordinary things, and the bicycle is one of those simply extraordinary things. Whether it be a ride across town or a ride across the country, the bicycle can take you wherever you want to go. All you have to do is start pedaling!